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Proflyer DO IT! Promo


Date: 1-30 June 2018
Time: 10am - 10pm
Location: 1 Utama E

1. Purchase 5 hours and receive 1 hour free of charge.

2. The "Buy 5 Get 1 FREE" promotion is available to purchase from Friday, 1st June 2018. The sale ends at close of business Saturday, 30th June 2018 (Kuala Lumpur local time) or until sold out.

3. This promotion at any time can be ended at AirRider managements discretion.

4. To secure this deal, immediate payment is required and time cannot be "reserved" for later payment.

5. Time purchased is valid for 12 months from date of purchase/payment.

6. Promotion is limited to 1 customer per package.

7. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing deals, discounts, specials or flash sales.

8. Coaching from AirRider staff is NOT included, but can be purchased additionally for RM8 per minute (RM480 per hour)

9. Customer must be in the wind (flying) for the duration of the time purchased.

10. If total amount of hours are purchased at off peak rate and flown in peak time slots, additional surcharges will apply.

11. If total amount of hours are purchase at peak rate and flown in off peak time slots, NO refunds or credits will be given.

12. This promotion is not limited by amount purchased and bonus hours will be credited based on how many multiples of 5 are purchased (ie: purchase 20 hours and you will receive a total of 24 hours credited to your account)

13. ALL time MUST be purchased as EITHER peak or off peak rates (no mixing of rates is allowed). The bonus hour will be credited in the corresponding rate.

14. The promotion is available to both MyKad and non-MyKad card holders.

15. This deal cannot be purchased using an existing AirRider account/deposit.

16. All regular flight terms and conditions apply. For full list please visit our website:

  To book please contact Sam at with subject line "Buy 5 Get 1 FREE"