Return and save!

Return 10 Flights

You've flown before and want some serious flying time - so this is the package for you. Get more time at a big discount. This package must be flown within 3 months of your last flight.
  • 10 flights for 1 person
  • Rental of flight suit, helmet and goggles
  • Hands-on personal assistance from your flight instructor

For a great experience

Before your flight

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What to Expect

You'll be working on improving your flights skills - increasing your stability, doing 360 spins, making left and right turns and going up and down. Depending on what return flight package you have purchased, you may do one or all of these things!
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Book within 3 months

Return Flyer packages must be flown within 3 months whilst your skills are still fresh - so don't forget to book soon and save!
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Talk to your Instructor

As a return flyer, you will not need to go through the training class again, but please still arrive 30 mins before your flight to speak with your Instructor. Discuss what you did in your last flight, anything you would like to work on in particular - then go ahead and spread your wings!

Common Questions

All of our flight time includes the use of our flight suits, goggles and open face helmets.  If you wish to use a full face helmet, we do have a select few available for hire - just ask one of our friendly staff.

Indoor skydiving was originally developed to allow experienced skydivers to train, whatever the weather. These days, it’s soared in popularity around the world and become an adventure sport in its own right.

If you’re interested, our instructors can help you improve your flying skills and master the manoeuvres required for competitive events. Click here for more information on how to progress your skills.

With our AirRider introductory packages we normally only fly people individually in the tunnel, one-on-one with their instructor. The rest of the team can still share the experience watching from the open plan observation deck. After your first flight, grab one of our 4 or 10 flight return packages to progress quickly to flying with others.
If you would like to advance quickly, the best place to start is our AirRider 10 flight program. It gives you 5 double length flights and helps you learn the 6 axes of flight of flight. Personal coaching is also a great option for faster personal development. Click here for more information or speak to your instructor.
All first-time flyers are required to take the training class. You’ll get a lot of important and helpful information as well as some pre-flight practice of your flying position. If you’ve flown with us once within the last three months, you don’t have to do the training session again and can book a flight as a Return Flyer.