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Block time p/min

Once you have completed a Return Flyer package you can purchase time by the minute and fly as much as you want. Peak and off Peak rates apply depending on the time and day you fly, and sky is the limit!
  • Fly in 1 minute blocks - up to 30 minutes in one session
  • Share the air with other flyers (if signed off)
  • Rental of flight suit, helmet and goggles is still provided FREE if needed
  • A flight instructor is there to "spot" you and keep you safe
  • Book a Personal Coach to accelerate your flying

For a great experience

Before your flight

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Fly BLOCK time

Once you've flown a return package you are eligible to buy "Blocks" of AIR time - from 1 to 30 minutes per session. It's easy - just select how many minutes and when to fly. Stay the whole day and fly multiple sessions - one way to keep fit!
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Before you fly

Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your flight time. Have a chat to your session instructor and let her/him know what type of flying you will be doing. Maybe book a Coach to get some one-on-one personal training.
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Share the Air

At AiRider KL we can fly up to 4 people at one time. If you're signed off to fly with others, grab some other flyers and get in the tunnel. Flying on BLOCK time you just pay for the air, so you can split the cost up to 4 ways (that's from RM8 per minute, per person - super cheap!)

Common Questions

Yes, just like a Personal Training session, let us know the skills you would like to learn and we’ll devise a coaching schedule to help you make the most of your time. Visit our Coaching Page for more information.
With our AirRider introductory packages we normally only fly people individually in the tunnel, one-on-one with their instructor. The rest of the team can still share the experience watching from the open plan observation deck. After your first flight, grab one of our 4 or 10 flight return packages to progress quickly to flying with others.
If you would like to advance quickly, the best place to start is our AirRider 10 flight program. It gives you 5 double length flights and helps you learn the 6 axes of flight of flight. Personal coaching is also a great option for faster personal development. Click here for more information or speak to your instructor.

Indoor skydiving was originally developed to allow experienced skydivers to train, whatever the weather. These days, it’s soared in popularity around the world and become an adventure sport in its own right.

If you’re interested, our instructors can help you improve your flying skills and master the manoeuvres required for competitive events. Click here for more information on how to progress your skills.

Pretty simple really. It’s a large glass tunnel that extends skywards with powerful electric fans at the top. When these operate, air is drawn up through the tunnel, creating a cushion of air that you can fly on. The amount of airflow is precisely controlled to ensure that it matches the experience level of those in the tunnel. Check out some cool details on the technology behind vertical wind tunnels.