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Indoor Skydiving for Kids


Looking for an unforgettable kids birthday party experience? AirRider is the ultimate party option for kids aged 3-16 years old!

Package includes:

  • Up to 10 kids (age 3 - 16) get to fly twice each
  • Special kid’s area with all the training and flight equipment provided
  • Spacious viewing gallery for kids to lounge
  • A safe and exciting experience

Number of kids:

  • Have more than 10 kids? Don't worry, just add more to your online booking.
  • Have less than 10 kids? The package includes 20 flights, so your kids just get to fly more! Check out our FAQ's below.

Standard Provision of service:

  • 2 Flights - each flight is the same as an outdoor skydive from 14,000 feet which is 50 seconds long
  • Comprehensive pre-flight training session
  • Flight suit, helmet, ear plugs and goggles
  • Constant personal assistance from your flight instructor during flight
  • This experience takes approximately 1 hour 45 mins including all training and gear up

Add-ons (additional charges apply):

  • MORE flights
  • Photos and Videos to reminisce on the fun
  • The HighRide
  • Excellent F&B options from 1 Utama
  • Combine your experience with Flowrider

And so much more!

When in doubt, just call us or Whatsapp us @ +6017-9276795!

Kids FAQs

No, you just step into the flight chamber at ground level with your flight instructor. First time flyers generally only fly a couple of metres above the net (with your instructor beside you all the way).
Please wear well-fitting, lace-up sneakers or running shoes. Other shoes are not suitable. Wear casual clothes, preferably pants and a shirt with no collar. You won’t have to change out of these clothes - you simply put your flight suit on over them.

There’s no experience required, so beginners, intermediates and experts can all fly. Of course, you need to be in good health and physical condition. If you’ve had a prior shoulder dislocation or back, neck or heart problems, please contact us before booking to discuss your suitability. Anyone with a hard plaster cast, pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also unable to fly. Please read the waiver for full details.

Our facilities are wheelchair accessible and can fly people with certain physical disabilities, including amputation and paraplegia. Please contact us for details - we'd love to get you flying!

Each flight within the wind tunnel lasts for 50 seconds. That’s actually more free fall time than a skydive from 14,000 feet! Our standard flight package includes 2 flights, with an instructor helping you make the most of your time. You can also choose to add additional flights to your packages. The whole experience normally takes approximately 1.5 hours, however this will be depend on your group size and how many flights you are doing.
Yes, safety is our top priority. Every aspect of the wind tunnel design has been carefully considered to create a fully controlled environment that provides total safety. Our certified and highly-trained instructors (link to meet the team) are with you at all times during your flight, to give guidance and reassurance.
Flyers can be as young as 3 years old, with no upper age limit. Children under 18 years of age need to have a parent or guardian’s signature on their waiver. See our Junior AirRider program.
If you have fewer flyers than the maximum your group package can hold, then we just split the extra flight time between you. So if someone can't make it last minute or you don't have 10 kids for the party package - no problem, more fun for the rest!
Yes!  We have a private room available to hire for your party, workshop or team-building event.  We can also help make arrangements for anything extra you may wish to add such as catering and decorations.
For sure. An indoor skydiving birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate that special day. Whether it’s for kiddies or grown ups, we’ll make sure everyone has an unforgettable time. Just contact us to arrange the best birthday present ever.

KIDS PARTY - Enquiry


Kids Parties

RM649 (Mon - Fri)

RM749 (Sat & Sun)

  • Sharing for up to 10 kids (20 flights). 
  • Additional kids? Just add them in the online booking process or call us for assistance.
  • Includes private party area
  • All training and flight equipment is included
  • Laced-up shoes and socks are available for rent and sale respectively.