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AirRider Indoor Skydiving is the simulation of an actual outdoor skydive at 14,000 feet. It is the hottest thrill ride and sport flying into Asia. We are opening multiple sites across Asia, with our first indoor skydiving facility in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Everyone who has dreamed of flying can come to one of the World's largest shopping mall - 1 Utama, and experience the thrill of flight.

In a joint venture with 1 Utama, Indoor Skydive Australia Group (ISA Group) has built a state-of-the-art indoor skydiving facility in 1 Utama E costing approximately RM25 million – the very first in a shopping mall in Asia-Pacific. The memorandum of understanding for the development was signed early 2017 with the incorporation of local entity Leisureworld Escapades using the brand AirRider. Now everyone can fly in a secure and controlled environment at 1 Utama E. 

The all-glass panelled circular wind tunnel creates a cushion of air in a 12-foot diameter 32-foot high flight chamber where the flyer enters onto a cushion of air and becomes airborne, all within the reach of a qualified instructor. The base of the chamber is a trampoline floor of aircraft-quality stainless steel and with wind speeds of up to 250 km/h, active flyers can easily and safely perform aerobatic manoeuvres. Spectators can watch this exuberating sport from a free viewing gallery and seating area. 


“The 1 Utama team has been fantastic by bringing in a wealth of experience and understanding of their customer needs. I am extremely proud of the opening of AirRider at 1 Utama E, ISA Group’s first international indoor skydiving facility,” said Wayne Jones, ISA Group CEO. 

Sporting the latest in wind technology, AirRider 1 Utama is constructed to the highest standards and features a vertical wind tunnel with specialized equipment and advanced technology imported from the Czech Republic and Australia. 

Millions of people globally have already flown in Indoor Skydiving centres. It is one of the fastest growing sports with over 100 facilities worldwide and more to come. Find out more about wind tunnel technology and the science behind what sends you into the air.

We look forward to seeing you fly at AirRider Kuala Lumpur Indoor Skydiving soon!

"AirRider - Bringing You The Dream of Flight To All Ages and Abilities"